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You're watching BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths (full movie) free on F2movies. A renowned Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles, after being named the recipient of a prestigious international award, is compelled to return to his native country, unaware that this simple trip will push him to an existential limit.


IMDb: 7.1 (4,392 votes)

Country: Mexico

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Original Name: Bardo, falsa crónica de unas cuantas verdades


Duration: 160 min

Release: 2022-10-27

Rated: R

Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu

Production: Estudios Churubusco Azteca

Tagline: Experience a state of mind.

Cast: Daniel Giménez Cacho as Silverio Gama, Griselda Siciliani as Lucía, Ximena Lamadrid as Camila, Íker Sánchez Solano as Lorenzo, Luz Jiménez as Mamá, Luis Couturier, Francisco Rubio, Andrés Almeida, Clementina Guadarrama, Jay O. Sanders,...